Limitations of Financial Ratio Analysis Joss Finance

I am a big fan of ratio analysis for small business owners. I don’t have to inspire large company CFOs and Controllers to perform ratio analysis, because it is their daily bread, but I find that many small business owners have not yet gained an appreciation of what financial ratios can do for them.

But as much as ratio analysis can help you, it can also mislead, so I thought it would be good to delve into the limitations of financial ratio analysis today.

Ratio analysis can be only as good as the underlying data

Ratios are absolutely wonderful. They boil down a complex set of numbers and relationships to a simple, 1 or 2 digit number which tells you volumes! But beware… What if those complex, underlying data are not accurate? Many important decisions are made because a ratio has changed by 1 or 2 percentage points. Given that, your accountant better make really sure that the calculations can be relied upon.

In the small business environment things like reconciled trial balance (yes, not only the bank accounts!) and monthly, reviewed financial statements cannot be taken for granted. Many small businesses do not have adequate accounting systems in place nor do they all have competent accounting personnel making sure the monthly financial results are not only available, but actually accurate.

Calculating any ratios based on questionable data and an unreconciled set of books can be very dangerous. So, before any analysis is even attempted, the accounting records must be brought up to par.

Ratio comparisons can be meaningful only, if data is truly comparable

It’s a challenge to achieve comparability among different firms, even in the same industry. Different depreciation methods, different inventory valuation methods used, different policy regarding capitalization of certain expenditures make it very hard to arrive at financial statements which can be compared meaningfully.

But even comparisons of different periods within the same company can get tricky. I have seen many small businesses with a high turnover of the bookkeeping/accounting position and my review of the general ledger revealed often that there was no consistency in the way many transactions were posted by those different people. This would make comparisons less valuable than they could otherwise be. This brings us back to our first point – accounting records need to be not only accurate but also consistent.

Ratio analysis reflects only what is in the financial statements

Obviously, financial ratios will reflect only what is contained in the financial reports of the company. And as valuable as that can be, it does not capture many factors which can have a profound impact on the business and yet cannot be quantified or expressed in accounting terms.

I remember acting as a part-time controller for an insurance firm which has just been purchased by an international player. The President was given a certain ratio as a target for his accounting department salary costs. Based on this ratio, he couldn’t add a single person to his accounting staff. On the contrary, to meet the target, he would have to let some people go first.

But that didn’t take into consideration the particular situation this company was in. Due to historical reasons, the staff had very low qualifications, systems were old and the only way out was to bring a strong full-time controller or CFO to reorganize the department. The target ratio wouldn’t allow for that. But it was the best thing to do in those circumstances. Intelligent leadership will recognize such limitations of ratios and make the right business decisions anyway.

Other factors not contained in the financial statements can be technological developments, competitor’s actions, government actions, etc. All elements with potential impact on the business need to be evaluated when making important decisions, not only financial ratios.

Still, financial ratio analysis is a key component of those decisions and I would venture to say that a company which doesn’t avail itself of this information is at a disadvantage.

Eighty Ways to Make Money From the Pokemon Go Craze

Pokémon Go has exploded to become a certified cultural phenomenon. Every businessman, entrepreneur and game designer is watching Pokémon Go with a mixture of excitement and envy. Smart entrepreneurs and businessmen understand that although it appears to be a simple combination of graphics and gameplay, the underlying design is quite complex and well thought out. There is nothing trivial or silly about it. It is the most successful App launch ever seen. The most savvy entrepreneurs and businessmen have quickly realized there are ways to make money from this craze, even if you are not John Hanke (CEO of Niantic and the creator of Pokémon Go,) or Nintendo.

First the basics:

* Pokémon Go tracks player’s location, which forces people to get off your couch, out of their house, and travel to specific locations called PokéStops and Gyms. Good news, those Pokémon players (called Trainers) are real world consumers, and the PokéStops and Gyms are real world destinations.

* Demographic studies show that most Pokémon Trainers/players are 18-35, and cut across all ethnic boundaries. Although there are a significant number of kids playing (and mothers who may be customers,) it means that most of your local Trainer/players have disposable income available.

* A Pokémon Gym is a real world location where Trainers/players must physically travel to, in order to battle other Pokémon. If your store is near a Pokémon Gym, then Trainers/players will be coming to your doorstop. If you have one near you, you probably already know it.

* A PokéStop is a place where Trainers/players can get free in-game tools used in gameplay. Again, if you have one near you, you probably already know it. A PokéStop can also be assigned a Pokémon Lure which attract Pokémon creatures, which in turn attract additional Trainers/players, also known as potential customers. Retailers, restaurants, bars, and coffee shops have all taken advantage of nearby PokéStops. See examples #14, and #18 below.

* The Trainer/players hunt and capture Pokémon of differing rarity and value. The Pokémon have names and unique identities. That opens up possibilities for small business owners such as the bar that offered specific bounties. See example #17 below.

* Once a Player/trainer achieves Level 5, they must choose loyalty to one of three factions, Team Mystic, color Blue; Team Instinct, color Yellow; or Team Valor, color Red. As a businessman, your potential customer has therefore aligned themselves with a color and a team. That means your yellow merchandise suddenly has greater appeal to members of Team Instinct, your red items to Team Valor, and so on.

* Pokémon Go is a battery hog. Trainers/players are constantly draining their phones. This is a problem for them, and an opportunity for you.

* There are Twitter hashtags and Facebook groups for Pokémon fanatics. This means there are very affordable methods to get your message directly to local targeted Trainers/players.

* Lastly, Pokémon Go has been having problems with their servers. Too many people want to play, and Pokémon’s servers have crashed which has led to frustration and thousands of internet memes. Like the game itself, the frustration can be the source of money making ideas. See the T-shirt example #45 below.

So with that out of the way, here are some ways that people and corporations are making money from the Pokémon Go craze. Look down this list. With some imagination, there are opportunities for you too.

1. The first and most obvious way to make money on this craze is to invest in Nintendo. The smartest investors put their money in before it hit big, but nothing breeds success like success. So who knows what will come next.

2. If you own a Restaurant, a Pub, Coffee Shop, Snack Shop, Ice Cream Shop, etc. and you are located near a PokéStop, place a Lure at the PokéStop and place a sign inviting customers to sit and play. If you don’t know how to place a Lure, walk outside, find someone staring intently at their phone, and ask them.

3. Do you have a Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Snack Shop, Ice Cream Shop close to a PokéStop, BUT NOT CLOSE ENOUGH? Station a server at the PokéStop with food samples and discount coupons.

4. Do you have a Restaurant Pub Coffee Shop, Snack Shop, Ice Cream Shop close to a PokéStop, but not close enough, AND is the PokéStop Lure free? Place Lure at PokéStop. Set up a small sign saying you have placed the Lure (build awareness and gratitude for your shop, and increase your “cool” factor,) and that Lures placed at the top of every hour. Invite players to come have a cup of coffee while they wait. Great way to show your support and to build loyalty. This worked wonderfully for a tavern in Fairbanks Alaska. Yes they have Pokémon there too.

5. But what if you have a Restaurant Pub Coffee Shop, Snack Shop, Ice Cream Shop close to a PokéStop, but not close enough, and OTHER STORES are placing Lures? Place a sign at the PokéStop inviting customers to your shop and offer a free phone charging station. Pokémon Go players are often surprised at how quickly their phone battery drains and will flock to you. Be sure to have some fast charge stations for the Galaxy 6 and 7.

6. You don’t need a restaurant. If you own a Retail Store near a PokéStop, you can take advantage as well. Trainers/players do more than drink coffee. They purchase things too. You can place a Lure at the PokéStop and then set up a sign inviting new customers to shop.

7. Pub Crawls are already popping up around Portland Oregon and other cities. Sponsor one if you are a bar or pub.

8. Yelp is already making money from the Pokémon craze. They have installed a filter so players know which stores are near PokéStops. Don’t have one near you? Niantic has a support form on their website that you can use to request a PokéStop or Gym.

9. Are you an expert player? Do you at least know how to set up a Lure? Many shop owners do not know anything about Pokémon Go, and may be technophobic. Offer to set it up for them and monitor it during store hours. I have heard rates running from $50/day to $300/day in service fees.

10. You can do the same for locations that are not located near you if you use a rooted phone and a GPS spoofer. I personally DO NOT endorse this idea. You run the risk of being banned, but the how-to information is already online so I would be remiss if I didn’t list it here.

11. PokéStops include some apartment complexes. Are you the rental agent for an apartment complex? Be sure to place a Lure at your PokéStop.

12. Are you an artist? Offer to paint window art featuring Pokémon in stores and restaurants near PokéStops.

13. El Cid in Silver Lake California, has a Pokémon Gym, and a weekday Pokémon happy hour. Why not you?

14. L’inizio Italian Restaurant in Long Island City, New York, increased sales 75% over a recent weekend by investing $10 in Lures at a PokéStop at their restaurant.

15. The US Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville Alabama offers Group discounts to individual Pokémon players who show the App when purchasing tickets. They advertise 22 locations, including three gyms, and suggest that visitors wander and appreciate all the museum has to offer while they are hunting Pokémon.

16. One Pizza parlor offered discounts and free slices based on a player’s level. They quickly learned that freebies were not a good idea.

17. Pints & Pixels in Huntsville Alabama has offered bounties for specific Pokémon caught nearby.

18. AFK Tavern in Everett Washington, a must-go pub for any serious gamer or geek, is the site of a Pokémon Gym. They offer a discount if you are the leader of the gym. They warn against false claims by boasting that 98% of their wait staff plays. Hmmm, what is wrong with the other 2%

19. You can do the same discount as AFK Tavern even if there is no gym on your site. Simply choose a gym nearby and place a sign at the gym advertising your discount.

20. It may be obvious, but if you have a Food truck, park it at a PokéStop and place a Lure.

21. If you have a portable Barista cart, do the same thing.

22. Are you teaching your kids about setting up a lemonade stand? Help them set up at a PokéStop with a Lure.

23. Capitalize on the biggest complaint players have about the game, and set up a mobile charging station near a PokéStop. Best Buy and other outlets sell extra-long chagrining cords so you can set one end in your cigarette lighter and the other can reach out the window. Charge in 15 minute increments.

24. Eggs need to hatch. In order to hatch the player must walk two, five, or ten kilometers based on the type of egg. If you are normally moving a lot for work or pleasure, you can offer to carry and nurse someone’s egg. How? First there has to be security and trust between the hatcher and the player since you will need to sign into their account, but if you can get past that, you can simply sign in on your phone and start moving.

25. Joggers, you can do the same. Golfers too.

26. Do you ride your bicycle to work or for fun? This is a great opportunity for you too.

27. Hey bike messengers, do this to make extra money. Just stay under 10mph or your movement won’t count.

28. Skateboarders, why not place your Craigslist add right now. You could be hatching eggs by tonight.

29. Pokémon are distributed around the world based in some part by location and environment. Water type Pokémon are often found near water. Similarly, other types of Pokémon are often found in other environments. Offer an Uber type service to drive car less players to other areas of town. The going rate seems to be around $20/hr per person.

30. San Francisco Travel is touting their unique Pokémon areas with detailed directions for Pokémon in parks and famous locations.

31. Do you give already tours of your city? You can add Pokémon Tours as a specialty.

32. Do you know the best spots for Pokémon that other people are not aware of? Just like fishing guides who bring tourists to the best places for Tarpon, you can be a Pokémon Guide and bring people to secret PokéStops with rare Pokémon.

33. Start a Pokémon party bus. That could be wild!

34. Be a Remote Pokémon hunter. Someone from Kansas may want to see if San Diego has Pokémon rarely seen in the Midwest. Trainer/players on Reddit are already bemoaning the difference in Pokémon spawning habits between NYC and Chicago. Similar to nursing eggs, a safe exchange of information is required, but it is certainly not rocket science. Be aware, this is not specifically addressed in the terms of agreement, but if it’s a violation, you may be banned.

35. Target is selling Pokémon T-shirts. They have the license and the products. Now Pokémon is trendy again.

36. Kohl’s is selling Pokémon Backpacks.

37. Hot Topic, the bastion of pop culture merchandise, is selling T-shirts, socks, underwear, earrings, and many other items.

38. is selling Pokémon Wall decals.

39. Party City is selling Pokémon piñatas. There will be a lot of Pokémon parties this summer.

40. According to Gizmodo, McDonalds has a deal that will set up every McDonalds as either a PokéStop or Pokémon Gym. Supposedly the partnership will soon make its debut in Japan. Makes sense since most McDonald’s have Wi-Fi and Nintendo and McDonald’s have a history of doing promotions together.

41. With McDonald’s as a proof-of-concept, other sponsorships may be on the way.

42. Expect sponsored specialty items such as rare Pokémon as well.

43. Are you older than 30? Were you a Pikachu fan when you were a child? Sell your old childhood Pokémon stuff on eBay to a new younger audience. Special editions and unopened games seem to bring in the best prices.

44. If you are artistic, you can design and sell red, yellow, and blue t-shirts for teams Valor, Mystic, and Instinct. Design them, and then use a print on demand service such as Café Press for production and fulfilment.

45. Or, take advantage of the sever issues and design t-shirts with slogans such as “I’m only here because the Pokémon server is down.”

46. If you are a bit naughty, you can take your T-Shirt design a step further with slogans such as “Stop playing with your balls!” and “I wish my husband went down as often as the Pokémon servers.”

47. has dozens of backpack manufacturers with small MOQ (minimum order quantity) which you can use to create Team Valor, Instinct, or Mystic backpacks.

48. has manufacturers of water bottles at very low prices and available in Yellow, Red, and Blue. Do you sense an opportunity?

49. also has manufacturers of Figurines. You can set up an Amazon shop and be a specialty Pokémon store.

50. Many Trainers/players are spending more time in the sun than they realize. has manufacturers of inexpensive promotional item priced sunscreen available in Red, Yellow, and Blue. Sell them or give them away with your store name on them.

51. Are you a bakery or cake decorator? Bake and sell Pokémon themed cakes. Or bake and sell cake pops decorated as Pokémon balls.

52. Can you sew? Make Team Valor, Team Instinct, or Team Mystic bandanas for dogs.

53. Can you knit? Make Pokémon hats.

54. Can you make homemade bath bombs? Pokémon bath bombs would be a hit. Sell them online.

55. Are you a Pokémon intermediate player? Write a How-To guide for beginners. Post it online and sell display ads.

56. Are you a Pokémon expert? Write a strategy guide for experienced players. Post it online and sell display ads.

57. Are you ethically gray? Write a cheating guide. Post it online and sell display ads.

58. Are you good at sewing? Create Pokémon cosplay outfits.

59. Do you own a Barbershop or salon? Offer Pokémon style haircuts.

60. As long as you are already walking for Pokémon Go, talk to your neighbors and offer to be a dog walker.

61. And since you are already walking, and you like dogs, sign up for charity apps like Money is donated to animal shelters for every mile you walk, and you are already walking to catch Pokémon and hatch eggs.

62. Another way to take advantage of walking is to register for This is a service where you visually “look” at things on behalf of remote buyers. Check it out.

63. Did you love the Ice-cream truck as a kid? Become a mobile retailer and sell Pokémon merchandise at PokéStops. Bring your truck, a display, and Lures. You can even play music. Please tell me that you know that Pikachu song. Make a schedule, and post your schedule ahead of time at each of the stops. Have a friend set Lures 15 minutes before you arrive, then show up with 15 minutes to sell. Time it right and you can easily do 20 stops a day.

64. has many ball cap manufacturers with small MOQ (minimum order quantity) which you can use to create Team Valor, Instinct, or Mystic caps.

65. Sell Pokémon plush toys (from from your mobile store.

66. Sell Pokémon Team themed mobile power banks (from from your mobile store. Make your customers happy by pre-charging them.

67. Are you are Retailer too far from a stop? Set up a pop-up shop.

68. Create Pokémon theme birthday parties for kids. Be the one stop shop for moms. You supply everything from paper plates and cake to decorations and party gifts. All with a Pokémon Go theme. Mom just hires you, and you do all the rest.

69. If you are good with coding, pulling data, and API’s, you can put up a site that shows local Pokémon server status and weather reports for people considering venturing out on Pokémon hunts. Monetize it with display ads.

70. Some people are selling their accounts, already leveled up. eBay and Craigslist has postings, with accounts unaffiliated with Teams going for the most. This may violate terms of agreement however, so warning, you may get banned.

71. Be Pikachu at events. You can buy a Pikachu mascot costume for as little as $50.

72. Are you an outdoor personal trainer? Incorporate Pokémon Go into your on-the-go workouts. Pokémon Go has proven the success of gamification of exercise and fitness.

73. Are you an indoor personal trainer? Incorporate Pokémon Go egg hatching into indoor track workouts.

74. Be a 1:1 teacher for new users. Advertise on Craigslist.

75. Do you practice sports medicine? There will be a lot of people walking who have never gotten off their couch before. Advertise to first time Pokémon players.

76. Are you a chiropractor? Same thing goes for you. New clients are out there ready to limp in. Pokémon players are very keyed in to social media.

77. Are you a Physical Therapist? Incorporate Pokémon Go into your rehab routines. Swedish Medical Hospital in Seattle has incorporated Pokémon Go into rehab work for some child burn victims and are thrilled with the response. C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in Michigan is using Pokémon Go to encourage children to move and bend during Physical Therapy.

78. Do you do foot massage? Set up at PokéStops. You will be heaven sent for many tired Pokémon hunters.

79. Design and sell bumper stickers and window decals for teams Valor, Mystic, and Instinct.

80. Make and sell Pokémon Team badges so team members can find each other at Gyms and Pokestops. Pokémon Trainer/players are making new friends, and being on the same team is a great icebreaker. Help them identify each other with a team badge they can wear.

81. BONUS. Love is in the air and Pikachu is playing cupid. For a small fee, POKEDATES will set you up on dates with other Trainers/players.

Now that you have all these ideas, look for Pokémon groups. Portland is hosting family friendly gathering at a city park with thousands of people indicating they are interested in going. This is a bonanza for anyone selling merchandise. Arrive with a mobile charging station. Tweet about it, message your local Pokémon Facebook groups. Use social media. Buy targeted advertising on Facebook, and use Pokémon as one of your keywords. The phenomenon is real.

Please note: Pokémon, Pokémon Go, PokéStops, Nintendo, Niantic, Pikachu, and all images and characters associated are trademarked and protected property of the original owners. All images and references used is in this article are for editorial purposes only and are not meant to imply permission or authority to use.

Financial Advisers Are Not All Equal! Joss Finance

There are several different types of financial advisers in the UK and, if you are currently looking for financial advice, it is important to you that you understand the main differences between them. Just as not all medical professionals are the same – there are paramedics, auxiliary nurses, nurses, GPs, registrars and consultants, for example – neither are all financial advisers the same!

Types of Financial Advisers

There are three main categories:

  1. Tied advisers, who usually work for a bank or an insurance company. They are only authorised to advise you on their own company’s products;
  2. Multi-tied advisers, who are able to offer advice from a limited set panel of companies;
  3. Independent financial advisers (IFAs) who will offer you unbiased advice from the whole of the market.

The Importance of Independent Financial Advice

IFAs differ from tied and multi-tied advisers, not only because they offer whole of market advice, but also because they do not represent a company – they act as the representative of their client, and it is their primary responsibility to act in the best interest of their client at all times. IFAs must also offer clients the option to pay by fee, rather than commission from the product provider.

Once an IFA has carried out a detailed fact find with you, so that he (or she) can fully understand your current financial situation, as well as your financial needs and objectives, he will go away and do some research to find the most suitable financial products for you. He will then present his recommendations to you at a follow-up meeting.


Minimum qualifications: All advisers giving investment advice must have the minimum qualifications of the Certificate in Financial Planning (CertPFS) or its predecessor the Financial Planning Certificate (FPC) from the Chartered Institute of Insurance (CII), or the Certificate for Financial Advisers (CeFA) from the IFS School of Finance.

Higher qualifications: By the end of 2012 advisers who wish to continue to give investment advice must have achieved higher qualifications – either the Diploma in Financial Planning (DipPFS) from the CII, or the Diploma for Financial Advisers (DipFA) from the IFS. Roughly one third of all financial advisers in the UK are currently qualified to this level already. The others are studying hard!

Certified Financial Planner: This is an internationally recognised qualification for financial advisers all over the world. In the UK it is awarded by the Institute of Financial Planning (IFP). To become a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) a financial adviser must first hold the DipPFS, or equivalent qualification, must have at least three years’ relevant financial services experience and must have worked on a case study to produce a detailed financial plan of a sufficiently high standard to be passed by the IFP examining board. They must be members of the IFP, abide by a strict code of ethics, and commit to continuing professional development (CPD).

Chartered Financial Planner: To become a Chartered Financial Planner – the pinnacle of the financial planning profession – an adviser must be a member of the Personal Finance Society (PFS), have a minimum of five years’ relevant experience and commit to continuing professional development. He or she also has to gain the CII Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning, which is the highest qualification currently awarded by the CII to financial advisers. The CII operates a points system for its Financial Services exams. For example you must achieve 70 points to be awarded the Certificate in Financial Planning and a further 70 points to be awarded the Diploma in Financial Planning, making a total of 140 points. However, to be awarded the Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning the candidate has to gain 290 points – more than four times the minimum requirement for financial advisers!

CFPs and Chartered Financial Planners are the elite of the financial planning profession. They have demonstrated, not only advanced technical knowledge and financial planning expertise, but also an exceptionally high level of commitment to their clients by the time and money they have spent in attaining their qualifications to enable them to give the highest level of advice.

Do financial advisers’ qualifications matter? Certainly there are many excellent advisers who do not have higher qualifications (yet). However, if you had a serious illness, you would expect your doctor to refer you to a highly qualified and experienced consultant would you not? CFPs and Chartered Financial Planners are like the consultants of the financial planning profession and the good news is that, unlike in the medical profession, you can consult them directly.

What is the Difference Between Financial Management and Book Keeping? Joss Finance

If you are one among those who relates finical management to book keeping then you need to re-think. In fact, there are many people who consider financial management similar to book keeping or often gets confused to differentiate between both of them. Perhaps, the difference between book keeping and financial management is a common inquiry among numerous sophomores who are eager to gain knowledge and have a career in the sphere of financial and business management. From an elementary perspective, the aspect of financial management is a massive arena, and much broader than that of conventional book keeping methodologies. It is true that most of the financial management programs incorporate the study and application of book keeping in their syllabi, but as a whole, the ins and outs, details of financial planning and management are monumental in quantity and relevance.

Generally, the book keeping procedure deals with the traditional methods of accountancy that primarily considers the debiting and crediting of various monetary transactions. On other hand, the different facets of financial management do not only deal with accountancy, but it even includes other core subjects such as economics, mathematics and commerce.

The procedure of bookkeeping is largely mechanical and often do not require any detail study. Instead of the analyzing, the bookkeeping majorly depends on the recording of the information. On other hand, FM once again also address to risk associated to business. Every business that has a well defined system or even a good cash flow can have a problem. Now through some tried and true methods of proper financial management problems like handling any sort of cash shortages can be prevented. The principles of management can at times help in preventing cash flow problems and deal with them more effectively.

Moreover, F.M as a whole can be broadly defined as the procedure of running the financial resources, including financial reporting, budgeting, risk management, and insurance for a business. In fact, it primarily refers on two key aspects – how you are really financing your business and how well you handle the money in the business. However, bookkeeping basically talks about the day to day operation of an accounting system. It majorly refers the recording of regular transactions within the suitable accounts. An accounting system defines the process of recognizing, evaluating, recording and talking about the financial information concerning the business. So, in simple words, the bookkeeping can also be considered as a subset of the accounting system.

Without doubt, financial management generally encompasses a number of crucial areas of business, but at same the business results are usually delivered in forms of reports. Consequently, talking in the present context both financial management and book keeping have their own role to play, but having a knowledge of both can always assure excellent employment in the market. Both of them are beneficial in terms of salary and also at context of job satisfaction.

Choose Clarion Motorhome And Get The Best For Your Money

There are many choices out there today in used motorhomes and that can make it hard to know where to start for finding the best recreational vehicle for you and your family. Since the Clarion motorhome industry turned into what is considered to be an orphan company in 1992 there are only used Clarion motorhomes for purchasing but with the motorhome being built of high quality, a used version of the brand is well worth the investment. Another plus is that being a used motorhome, you will have a good savings price wise.

The Clarion industry was known for many different sizes and styles. The smallest was the caravan van camper and the largest was the Class A luxury motorhome. The Caravan Van was a van and camper combination containing the bare necessities for a few days away from home. With a full body fiberglass exterior and well insulated back end. There is a small sink area, storage space and comfortable bed for two. The Class A motorhomes was the most luxurious of the line and has all of the comforts, quality and added amenities during the time of being built. There are several motorhome classes and sizes in between to choose from of these discontinued motorhomes.

Even though the Clarion Corporation ended their productions of all their motorhomes and campers in 1992, the brand of used motorhomes are still strong in recreational vehicle sales today. With only using the highest quality of building materials and the best of engine efficiency, these motorhomes and campers will satiate your needs of what a used recreational vehicle should be.

Even though the Clarion Corporation built the work horses of recreational vehicles, overtime some work may need to be done. Finding parts for any motorhome out is still not hard to do. Parts and services can be found on the many Internet sites out there or by calling your local recreational vehicle sales lots and parts yards.

There are many places to still buy these recreational vehicles. Used campers and motorhomes are a great way to purchase for first time buyers because of being able to explore your family’s wants and needs when out there on the road, without spending a small fortune on a brand new model. Clarion motorhomes are also great investments for those want to make the inside of their recreational vehicle personal. Redesigning inside of your motorhome is easy to do yourself or have someone else personally modify for you!